Picking Solar Panels Based on Three Aspects

There are several solar panel options in today's industry and the decision can simply become mind-boggling. When looking for the best solar panels for your residence there are Three important factors to consider. These are the production, efficiency and warranty.

The production of your solar panels is important since it will impact the total amount of panels you require to attain your desired production. Solar panels available today range from 250 to 360 watt panels and will directly impact your savings. More panels are needed to reach a particular level of production from solar panels with a lower production (such as 250 watts panels) while solar panels with a greater production (such as 360 watt panels) need less number of panels to achieve the same result.

The endurance of your panels and how much electricity they can produce through the years will depend on the efficiency and degradation rate of your solar panels. The efficiency of solar panels available today vary from 12.4 - 22% efficiency. The SunPower X-Series panels have 22.8% efficiency, making the brand one of the most efficient choices in existence. Degradation rates will also vary from panel to panel, Cleaner NRG and some of the best on the market are SunPower's new SPWR panels with a degradation rate lower than 0.3% per year. With solar being a longer-term commitment it's important for house owners to keep the long term production into account when viewing their solar panel options.

House owners who are looking for the best solar panels must also look at warranties. The warranty of a certain manufacturer and installer might not be the same with another source. Nonetheless, their warranties have two parts - a power and product warranty. The power warranty will make sure that the solar panels are creating the amount that was initially promised to the homeowner and the product warranty will make sure the parts (including the solar panels and in many instances the inverters) are working. You should look into how long these warranties will last and also their coverage. You may discover a maker that covers labour and delivery costs of panel removal and replacement; and another company that covers none of the expenses. Moreover, there is a 10 year product warranty set by a number of companies. In contrast, a longer 25 year warranty period is offered by suppliers like SunPower.

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